They provide clean technology solutions to both the public and private sectors with various product and service awards under their belts.

 The client simply wanted a new ‘all in one’ enclosure for their new prepayment gas meters to replace their off the shelf solution.

Through the consultancy service, Ronis created a totally new product solution that changed their approach to product installations, vastly improving their cash flow process to product orders.

The original product was fully assembled and installed on (mostly) new build sites however ongoing building works could still run for a further 6 months. Switch2 could not commission the product until all building works were completed resulting in a large time frame between product cost outlays and invoicing a commissioned, activated product.

By simply breaking up the product into two sub-assemblies, the initial installation would simply exist of a main body receptacle with a protective bezel isolating the mains power. Once the product is ready for commissioning, the bezel will be rotated 180 degrees and the second sub-assembly (the main cost of the product) would be manufactured and inserted in place by their engineers who would activate the product.

The G6 won the ‘Most Innovative New Product: Housing Innovation Awards’ in 2013.