Kiravans invented the VW T5 door storage solution product many years ago so this product offering is certainly not new but the new version comes with a family of new products.

Kiravans is all about simplifying the life of camper van owners so they can enjoy their travels. They wanted an updated version of their existing product but ideally with an OEM styling which would simply “fit in” and that exactly what we did.

Using vacuum forming technology, we created a product that looks like it might as well have been injection moulded by VW themselves.

Using smooth curvatures and thought out profiles, the new product provides an OEM look which has carried over into the panel (behind the driver seat) version storage product for those who don’t have furniture installed in their van. With a perfect access height to rear occupants, the panel store provides an impressive volume of storage for the long family journeys.

We proudly manufacture these products for Kiravans here in the UK using a recycled grade ABS.

All design IP and copyrights belong to Kiravans.