Product consultancy, design, & manufacture was founded by Ronis Perdios in March 2020.

Ronis started off designing car panel jigs & fixtures for manual spot welding back in 2004 where his appreciation for considering the people who have to manufacture a product began. He quickly advanced to Factory Layout design making 'human interaction' for production more time and cost efficient. 

In 2005 Ronis moved into his Masters qualified field of Industrial Product Design (designing products for mass manufacture) and has since been helping companies solve problems, brand, and bring product ideas to life. From June 2015 to February 2020 Ronis was a Director and Shareholder of a product consultancy where he managed all aspects of design services, client management, supplier management, and getting all products into production.

The majority of clients Ronis has worked with in the last 10 years have won numerous awards based on product solutions and/or designs he specifically created for them.