Three service categories is all we need to achieve a commercially viable and successful product for you & your business.


Discovering a new product opportunity is quite exciting and it is easy to get carried away with design activities straight away.

Unfortunately this hardly ever succeeds because it is not possible to make considered design decisions without having tangible information that can only be provided by a ‘business proposition assessment’.

Reviewing and assessing the commercial feasibility of turning your idea into something that can make a profit is critical.


The design process is a multi-discipline skillset that combines a number of activities.

From start to finish, designers must always be considerate towards creativity, human interaction, materials, manufacturing processes, product costs, and most importantly, end user satisfaction.

With this mindset and experience to guide the process, your likelihood to succeed will increase dramatically.


If the saying “the devil is in the detail” was ever true, it is in the manufacturing process for your product.

A number of critical decisions will need to be made based on how a machine, a person, and/or a material mix performs.

Everything will need fine tuning with each process and understanding the original design is vital to getting the product made correctly and successfully.