We are here to help and be as involved as you need us to be. We offer three categories of services and can work with you to decide which will give you the best value.


We feel this is more of a mentoring service than a traditional consultancy.

Our years of hands-on experience in design & manufacturing products, mixed with our exposure to successful product businesses allows us to mentor your team successfully and effectively.

We support and guide your business with real world solutions and practices. We reduce your risks at every stage of the process allowing your team to learn what we do without the costs of us having to do the time consuming work.


The design process is a multi-discipline skillset that combines a number of activities. 

From start to finish, designers must always be considerate towards creativity, human interaction, materials, manufacturing processes, product costs, and most importantly, end user satisfaction and adoption.

With this mindset and experience to guide the process, your likelihood to succeed with us doing the design work for you will increase dramatically.


We allow you to focus on sales and growth by managing production for you.

Staying on top of an effective production process requires knowledge and skill. Companies can hire someone to look after this internally or have it managed externally.

We have excellent relationships with hundreds of suppliers giving you access to some of the best services in the UK without inflated prices. We take responsibility of your product supply chain, your quality control and provide you with some of the best product prices around.

You will have access to everyone in the chain and if you wish and are ready to take it over in the future, we will help you do just that.