Kiravans was aware of the different handbrake lowering kits in the market but was also correct to believe that there was a better solution to be found.

These lowering kits are useful for when a driver has a swivel system to turn their seat into the van and require to clear the handbrake during the rotation. Most systems are full of compromises such as driver seat raisers or the requirement to cut up your handbrake lever cover to fit the lowering system leaving an unfinished look and feel to the solution.

By going through various prototyping stages, we created a solution that has a finished clean look, protects the brake cable, is compatible with any available driver swivel product and also allows the user to reverse the entire fitting putting the van back into original condition. This system also allows for the Kiravans double passenger swivel to be installed and used without issue.

We proudly manufacture the entire kit for Kiravans here in the UK using local manufacturing and recycled materials where ever possible.

All design IP and copyrights belong to Kiravans.